All must adhere to these rules
Note: site rules are on each flying sites web page, See Locations.
Please let us know if you do not agree with these T&C so we can make them fair to all parties.

RC Attractions Rules
To All RC Model Flyers:
We now have Drone Assist (UK) / NATS Drone Portal (PC) & B4UFLY (US) apps / PC web based Airspace Awareness Maps for people to check info on where they fly is safe. Many Thanks to SkyDemon light VFR, for helping promote the RC Airspace Awareness Map idea.
Drone AssistNATS Drone Portal
Please click on Drone Assist / B4UFLY / SkyDemon logo to load the AAM, T/C apply please read as these are aids to help you fly safe and the responsibility still is yours.

Please use this software to check where you fly, as this software is designed for pilots as well as model flyers and further to accommodate RC Clubs and more info, this will become LAW.

All Flyers are responsible for safety of them self and others: so please check your models and think of other flyers or spectators. Please do not fly if you feel the site is not for your flying ability or your model is not suitable for said site.

Thired Party insurance is needed for all models not classed as a toy or is considered to be not a toy.
Please check with your insurance that you are covered to fly at places like The Manor House or Indoor Flying or RC Nights and if you take part in a group event or Training, Building, Repairing or any activity, your insurer will cover you as these events are not BMFA Club Events.

Please share the facilities as best you can, be fair to all using the facilities as this will help the event run smoothly. Stand forward so people can walk behind you and fly in clear space infront of you. Any fee's must be paid at the start of the event before you fly or use the fasility. Please give any money to Malcolm Cuzick only unless cover is in place.

We hire the facilities for you to enjoy your hobby and take no responsibility for member's actions as they are held responsible for what they do at any event or site. If you have a complaint then please see Malcolm to sort, any one not following the ruls of this hobby may have the law involved, so please attend any workshops like Safer Drones by Devon & Cornwall Police to help you understand your responsibility.

Anyone not flying safe or putting people at risk will be asked to leave and No refund will be given and further action may be taken by members via their insurance or a personal claim. All members are asked to police all events as safety is all your responsibility, Note 3 members must stand up and say why the member is not following the rules.

Please have fun and fly safe and the more members that use the event's then we will be able to expand the facilities for said events.

Please read all documents needed for this hobby and enjoy it.

Many Thanks Malcolm Cuzick.

* By Malcolm Cuzick & Mike Uren