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RC Attractions National Centre:
Well in 2013 the idea of an RC
Centre was put forth by my self Malcolm Cuzick, I have been looking at the hobby from about 2010 as we needed better facilities. I looked into funding an airfield and teamed up with private sites to see how best to get what we need, but sad to see people we asked for help took the idea for them self and did not give any credit to RCA for bringing this about as would you really have a centre to day if it was not for the RCA project. I am looking into teaming up with council's & Government to help bring better facilities to the RC Comunity. Drone Registration is coming in for every member making you resposible for your actions. Good news but sad it had to come to this..
 RC Attractions & Drone Assist:
We developed the idea of The Airspace Awareness Map (AAM) with the help of Skydemon and now we have The Drone Assist App to help people fly safe and have info on where you fly is safe. Due to BMFA members saying we have no right to use this we have stoped putting people at risk.
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RC Barripper Hall & Field
This is now a private event as we now book the hall and park to fly or use cars. We have the use of the Hall for drinks and indoor space for small models or a scallectrics night, or train track, Rocketry and so on..

WorkShop Running:
Workspace for repairing models, setting up, testing and repairs. Plus sales of modeles.
We can order parts:
If you need parts then we may be able to help order or find them, so just let us know what you need, we will try to help if you can't find a part you need. Charges may apply. Items for sale on EBOOT. See sale items above.
FaceBook Pages & Groups:
We have an Open Facebook page for all to see & RCA Open Group is a chat Group.

      RC Attractions goal is to raise money to buy an airfield to have a permanent model RC Attraction for all RC models like cars, boat's, planes, helicopters and more. There was an airfield up for sale at 1.5m or there are airfields that need to be saved from development that will could lose the Airfields of Britain. We need help to achieve this and any support would help us start them up in the UK and then expand them around the UK. The attraction will have many features like static displays, and storage for members, training, workshops, shops and lots more. The BMFA have done the first one at Buckminster.

     Repair service for small models like planes,  helicopter, quads, boats and cars plus will look into larger models if possible as the workshop needs more room to accommodate this, so please contact Malcolm if you need a model fixed, please note this is a chargeable service so please ask first.

     Scan & Cut service for logos, transfers, badges or any design on film to go on your models, Please contact us with what you need and we will price it up. We need film offcuts, so if you have some spare that we can use and this will help keep cost down.

      Laser Cutting & 3D Printing Service Hi we are testing a laser cutting service for any wooden models, any part you need we may be able to help. We are going to start testing and would like to know if people would use this service. Please PM on Facebook or email me with your Yes/No or general inquiry with some details of what you would need and price you are happy with, we will then see if this would be possible. Size Max 29” X 17” X 3mm ply double cut for 6mm. Email rca@cuzick.co.uk.

      RC Attractions was established Malcolm Cuzick. Free Membership Form CLICK XPS or PDF to print and fill out then send or bring to us, So why not be part of one of the biggest projects in the UK for RC Attractions centres for all modellers and all types of RC Models.

     Site Flying Times are as follows: Please read Each location site page of each site, for flying times, size of arcraft. As times and size may very depending on the site you are flying at, like no fly zones, rules, how to find and looking after where we fly. Please fly safe and have fun & do not fly if you feel the site is not for you or your flying ability.

     Contact us via Email or phone & Facebook, See contact page so people can leave us comments on this site or stuff we do. Yon can now see RC Attractions on FaceBook to keep upto date, plus have a look at RCA Clubs for a list of live clubs around the UK, so please use FaceBook to link with us and others.

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* By Malcolm Cuzick & Mike Uren